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Legnano Teknoelectric Company S.p.A. was founded in 1983 by the Bertelli family, based on the knowledge and experience previously acquired in the designing and manufacturing of electrical transformers.
The history begins in 1957 when Michele Bertelli founded B&C, a family-run business that produced small transformers for electrical household appliances. In the first year, with three people, the company was able to produce up to 100 transformers a day. This result was achieved by processing a technically advanced steel – the non-oriented grain electrical steel collected from the production surplus of big companies – in order to offer an higher quality product and satisfy the market demand in the shortest possible time.


The continuous investments in research and state of the art materials and technologies have brought an important increase in the level of automation of the plant processes, with tangible benefits in terms of reduced production times and overall costs, as well as consistently high quality levels.
In continuity with the past, with an eye to the future, LTC is today the undisputed worldwide leader in the processing of electrical steel and in the production of magnetic cores for transformers.
Four different production plants, providing the full range of products, including longitudinal slit to width, cut laminations and production of steel clamps for the assembly of fully built cores for the manufacturing of distribution.


Whether in infrastructure systems, industry or households, transformers always play a key role in the reliable transmission and distribution of power. We at LTC have always known the transformers world but we know that knowledge must be put at the service of the customer in the best possible way.
We then decided to focus on the quality of our company which for us means improving technology, production processes and, above all, people. And the best way to do this is to dedicate time and resources to training, research and development and to the adoption of the best quality standards.


Thanks to over sixty years of experience in the transformer industry gained by the Bertelli’s family, the company operates the complete production cycle (from raw materials to finished products) and employs about 600 people in 5 different production units, of which four are located in Milan metropolitan area (Italy) and one in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

As always, we learn from the past
and look to the future

Our care, our growth
>$220M turnover, >100.000 Mtons sale

We are like the giants,
just a little bit smaller

We have ambition and hunger.
Every day is a new day for us!


Highest quality standards,
highest energy savings.

We offer magnetic cores for transformers for all outputs and voltages, every type of cooling and every mode of operation. However, our focus is the green energy sector. We supply the production industry of transformers for wind application (on-shore and off-shore), photovoltaic power stations, hydroelectric plants, cogeneration or biomass plants.



The pillar of
our growing strategy

  • Centrality of the person
  • Customer loyalty
  • Green philosophy & energy saving
  • Technological and process innovation
  • Specialization & Productivity
  • On Time Delivery
  • Security & Quality
  • Renewal and managerialization
  • Change of horizon: from local to global

Legnano Teknoelectric Company Spa

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Legnano Teknoelectric Company Middle East

PO Box 262887, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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